The main elements of the Smart Tuna Hook system are:


The Smart Tuna Hook, sold separately, is attached to the branch line like any normal long-line hook and lasts a normal hook’s lifetime.

Minor modifications to most manufactured tuna long-line hooks, including circle hooks, allows a protective shield to be attached after the hook has been baited, resulting in seabirds and turtles unable to ingest it or be hooked. 


The Smart Tuna Hook shield, sold separately, is a specially designed shield that attaches to the baited Smart Tuna Hook.

  • The shield is attached simply by hand to the hook in the baiting process
  • Unique technology holds the shield in place, disarms the hook, and increases the sink rate of the baited hook
  • The protective shield is released once the baited Smart Tuna Hook is below the feeding range of the seabirds and turtles
  • The environmentally friendly shield sinks to the bottom of the ocean, dissolving naturally, leaving no toxic residue or pollution

How it Works:

  • A specially designed shield covers the baited hook 
  • Sea water corrodes the alloy pin so that the shield falls off deeper than seabirds can dive, exposing the baited hook to catch fish
  • Increases safe working practices: it covers the hook, preventing accidental hooking of crew and eliminates lead swivels from the fishing gear

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