At oceansmart we are eternally grateful for all the assistance and support that has come from many areas in the community so far.

A number of private individuals and companies have continued to support the development of the Smart Tuna Hook by providing services, assistance and in-kind contributions:

  • Capfish
  • South African Department of Fisheries and Forests
  • Dominion Consulting
  • UnderWater World
  • Latitude 42 Environmental Consultants
  • Wingarra BMI
  • Kaikoura Encounters
  • Fish Matters
  • Great Barrier Reef Tuna & 4 Seas Pty Ltd
  • Southern Seabird Solutions
  • Australian Government including Aus Industries, Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Fisheries Research & Development Corporation, Australian Institute of Commercialisation, Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland
  • Galveston Turtle Research Centre