Great feedback and support for Oceansmart

During our recent round of exhibitions in San Diego, Brussels, Miami and Victoria BC the Oceansmart stand was visited by a number of representatives of key stakeholder groups. Many had not seen the Smart Tuna Hook and were very impressed by its development and ease of use. In particular, a key representative from WWF in Canada was overwhelmed by the idea and its apparent ability to solve the problem of seabird & turtle by-catch in tuna long-line fishing. 

Other key stakeholders who showed support and gave great feedback included:

  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • National Marine Fisheries Service Sea Turtle Program
  • Tuna Fisheries Technical Working Group in the Department of Marine Fisheries, China
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

All agreed this was the most innovative and smart solution to the problem and were impressed by the great benefits it can provide. Many said they would take the message back to their fisheries and see how it could be implemented.

We were also encouraged to enter the Smart Gear Competition again.