Oceansmart provides Free Tuna Hooks to save seabirds and turtles
To stop catching seabirds and turtles, Oceansmart is giving Tuna Long-line fishermen free tuna hooks when they order 25,000 Smart Tuna Hook shields. This aims to encourage fishermen to start using the system, increase their productivity and reduce the environmental impact.
Fisherman should hurry to get their free hooks and stop killing seabirds & turtles before they are prevented from fishing.
Managing Director, Hans Jusseit and long time tuna fisherman says;
"This is the most important mitigation system available to help the industry stop killing seabirds & turtles when setting their gear. It can also increase their catch and removes the need  for them to have dangerous lead swivels in the fishing gear"
As a limited introductory special for the first 25 orders, we are offering free Smart Tuna Hooks to replace current ones with any purchase of 25,000 or more Smart Tuna Hook shields to help fishermen get started. 
This means there is no cost in changing hooks – they will be provided FREE. If the fisherman uses 1000 hooks per shot we will give the fishermen 1000 Smart Tuna Hooks free of charge.  Just let us know the style, circle or standard tuna long-line hook, and a size range in use.
So for a small initial investment fishermen will see exactly how good the Smart Tuna hook is and how it will improve productivity, increase onboard safety and reduce costs, whilst reducing the impact on the environment. 
Click here to see the benefits this system can deliver.
We believe that together we can make a difference to fishing operations with the benefits of the Smart Tuna Hook System, to increase  productivity as well as reduce the impact on the environment.
We invite all Tuna Long-line fishermen to be part of the solution and make the change to a smarter, economical, safer and environmentally-friendly fishing operation.
We can demonstrate how we can help long-line fishing operations to stop catching seabirds & turtles.
We know fishermen will be pleased with what we have to offer.