Watch Hans be interviewed by USA Reporter Marc Strassman
To stop catching seabirds and turtles, Oceansmart is giving Tuna Long-line fishermen free tuna hooks when they order 25,000 Smart Tuna Hook shields.
At the various international conferences attended by Oceansmart, we received great support for our product, the Smart Tuna Hook, from many key stakeholders
The Smart Tuna Hook was presented to the attendees of the 3rd European Tuna Conference
Hans and Alex wowed the International Symposium on Circle Hooks with their Smart solution.
The Oceansmart team headed to Canada for the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress
Hans takes Oceansmart and the Smart Tuna Hook to San Diego for the 31st Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation
oceansmart has joined the social media world of Facebook
From San Diego to Brussels to Miami and then over to Victoria Canada, see what we're going to get up to